Year 9 to 12

  • Black skirt with school logo (no more than 5cm above the knee)
  • Black trousers with school logo (length not to be below the top of the shoe)
  • White shirt with school logo
  • Blue Jersey with school logo
  • Black Jacket (optional puffer jacket)
  • Plain, flat black shoes with a full back. (Boots are not permitted)
  • White ankle socks, black or natural stockings to be worn with shoes only

Summer Alternative

  • Black sandals with no more than one ankle strap

Physical Education Wear

  • Regulation shorts and tee shirt (with embroidered logos) must be purchased from authorised uniform retailers
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Appropriate one piece swimwear or boardshorts or rash vests or any combination of these. Must be swimwear material. Cotton is not permitted.

Jewellery Items

  • ID or medic-alert bracelet.
  • Neck chain or bone carving - that has special significance.
  • Wristwatch, ring, studs or small sleepers in pierced ears. No other jewellery.
  • No other visible body piercing is permitted


  • No extreme hairstyles or colouring – at the discretion of the Principal.

Little or no make up is permitted- if it is clearly noticeable it is too much

Note: All uniform should be clearly named.