Year 13 Dress Code

Year 13 students are permitted to wear a high standard of mufti. Students who find this difficult may choose to dress in correct Year 12 uniform.

Perfects will have a separate prefect uniform.



  • Strapless
  • One shoulder
  • Singlets that show underwear
  • Display of cleavage breaching good taste
  • Racer-back or other cut away tee's
  • Halter necks



  • Faded, cut off, ripped or ragged jeans or other items of clothing
  • Shorts
  • Casual track pants
  • Short dresses or skirts


  • Skirts must be NO MORE THAN 5cm ABOVE THE KNEE when kneeling
  • Tops must meet bottoms when standing and arms raised
  • Students are expected to wear appropriate footwear.
  • Shorter skirts may be worn with tights (these are footless and not see through) NOT PANTYHOSE (feet or transperancy=pantyhose)


  • No extreme hairstyles or colouring - at the discretion of the Principal.


  • Discreet jewellery
  • No visible piercings apart from discreet ear jewellery

If in doubt – please check with your Form teacher, House Dean, Year 13 Dean (Mrs Lang), or Principal (Mrs Cooper)

In the final instance, the decision on whether a student is appropriately dressed and in compliance with the dress code rests with the Principal.