Enrolment Application

2019 Enrolments

Enrolments for 2019 will be completed online with four easy steps.

  • Pre-enrol - Complete the on-line pre-enrolment form. When we have received your pre-enrolment we will email you the next step.
  • View your courses on-line - go to https://parent.wghs.school.nz and select Schoolpoint. Alternatively you may view an outline of Year 9 courses on the Year 9 Options Overview tab.
  • Interview - please contact our school on Ph 09 430 4411 to discuss an enrolment interview.
  • Enrolled - when you have pre-enrolled on-line, chosen your subjects and had an interview with the WGHS enrolment team, your enrolment will be confirmed.

Mid Year Enrolments

Please complete the process above.

Your enrolment interviews will be with either the Principal or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Additional appointments may be required for entry level testing and with your daughter's Dean should the application be approved.

If you have any queries please contact WGHS on Ph 430 4411.