Meet the Staff

Individual staff members may be contacted via e-mail with the following format:

Senior Leadership Team

Anne Cooper Principal
Kim Rogers Deputy Principal
Noelene Martin Deputy Principal
Kevin Dean Deputy Principal
Moira Christie Business and Finance Manager

Heads of Departments

Megan White Art
Janet Lang Commerce
Leone Neal Dance
Bill Walker Drama
Margaret Northey English
Denise Potter Geography
Rebecca Maunder Technology
Nicole Stratford/Natalie Willcox Health
Ngawai Haitana-Tuhoro Maori
Bridget O'Rourke Media Studies
Nicholas Grew Music
Luke Kirner Outdoor Education
Janna Dearnley Physical Education
Joy Nielsen Science
Susan Geddes Social Sciences
Sara Watson Sports
Julie Hamilton Foods and Early Childhood Studies
Rebecca Maunder Technology
Donna Severinsen Tourism

2017 House Deans

Bell House Natalie Wilcox
Lovelock House Tracey Cooper
Manaia House Helen Teal
Mansfield House Wendy Rees
Rutherford House Marian Innes
Sheppard House Phillip Mechen

Teaching Staff Listing with email addresses

Name Department Email Address
Auton, Portia Health, Physical Education
Beazley, Dave Art Design, Product & Design
Butler, Ashleigh Te Reo Maori, English
Carter, Kate English
Clark, Pheme Enterprise, Money Smart, Academy (SHS)
Collins, Rick English
Cooper, Anne Senior Leadership Team
Cooper, Tracey Mathematics, Lovelock House Dean
Crosby, Shirley-Ann Career Counsellor
Dean, Christine Physical Education, Health
Dean, Kevin Senior Leadership Team, Economics
Dearnley, Janna Physical Education
Dempster, Desley Computer Media Design, Computer Science
Ganesh, Shanthy Mathematics
Geddes, Susan Geography, Social Studies, Tourism
Green, Audrey Accounting, Money Smart, Enterprise
Grew, Nicholas Music
Gwillim, Tanya Mathematics
Haitana-Tuhoro, Ngawai Te Reo Maori
Hamilton, Julie Food and Nutrition, Hospitality, Early Childhood Studies, T Shirt Design
Henderson, Anna Science, Biology
Henderson, Paula Spanish, Enterprise, Money Smart, European Languages
Kate Robinson Physical Education, Health
Hodgson, Tanya Art, Painting, Digital Art
Hopper, Gabby Dance, Social Studies, Geography, Physical Education, Health, Outdoor Education
Hughes, Alys Dance
Innes, Marian Rutherford House Dean, Biology
Jones, Mike Digital Information Technology, Animation, Coding & Raspberry Pi, Mathematics
Kirner, Luke Outdoor Education
Knier, Nicki Hospitality, Academy (SIA)
Kuitert, Ronny Social Studies, History
Lang, Janet Enterprise, Economics
Leydon, Rebecca Art Design, Digital Art, Character Design, Art
Major, Nicholas Science, Biology
Mann, Nicola Mathematics
Mansill, Joshua Management, Economics, Enterprise
Martin, Noelene Senior Leadership Team, Outdoor Education
Maunder, Rebecca Design & Visual Communication, Art Design, Character Design
McAvinue, Adrienne Food & Nutrition, Hospitality, Art
McNamara, Catherine English
Mechen, Phil Sheppard House Dean, Health, Physical
Milton, Lenna English
Musa, Suhil Mathematics, Physics
Nagulesan, Diana Mathematics
Neal, Leone Dance
Nielsen, Joy Chemistry, Science
Northey, Margaret English
Northey, Peter Mathematics
Ohlson, Christopher English, German, European Languages
O'Rourke, Bridget Social Studies, Media Studies bridget.o'
Packwood, Diane Literacy Director
Paton, Joanne Mathematics
Pedersen, Rachael Textile & Fashion Technology, Trash To Treasure, Market Place
Peyton, Natalie Music, Early Childhood Studies
Phillips, Tamara Science, Environmental Science, Agriculture and Horticulture
Potter, Denise Geography, Social Studies, Tourism
Rees, Wendy Classical Studies, Mansfield House Dean, Social Studies, e-learning Dean
Rentoul, Cala Chemistry, Science
Reynolds, Kylie Dance, Drama
Rule, Ashleigh Photography, Art History, Painting, Contemporary Maori Art
Severinsen, Donna Social Studies, Geography, Tourism
Sneddon, Dave Guidance
Sobran, Arabelle ESOL, French
Steele, Jo English
Stratford, Nicole Health, Physical Education
Teal, Helen Manaia House Dean, Mathematics, Biology
Therkleson, Tracey Social Studies, History, Classics, Early Childhood
Thomas, Cynthia GATE Co-Ordinator
Topper, Sarah English
Toby, Reena Student Mentor
Towers, Linda Science, Biology, Mathematics
Tucker, Jodi Social Studies, Geography, Tourism
Urbahn, Keri Media Studies, English
Valli, Leah Food and Nutrition, Science
Vickers, Stephanie Science
Walker, William Drama
Wati, Calidah Science, Biology
Werder, Leanne Mathematics
White, Martin Design & Visual Communication, Art Design, Product & Design
White, Megan Art, Photography, Art Design
Willcox, Natalie Health, Physical Education
Williams, Grace Social Studies, Geography, Tourism